Practice what you preach

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I feel like I need to clear something up, because looking back at my blog it gives the impression that I am living a really "super healthy", "super conscious/perfect" lifestyle, and that it not exactly the truth, and I hate it when blogs give this impression and then the one writing it is not clarifying how it actually looks in real life. I wrote these posts because I thought there was a lack of alternative and sustainable brands as well as an overconsumption when I was looking at other blogs. I did it to inspire and motivate myself and others, however just to clarify I do not only eat organic, vegan and I still shop. My last purchase was from Acne, dark grey jeans. I chose that brand because it was familiar, accessible and yeah a cool brand. I chose the easy road, instead of waiting around to order a pair of sustainable ones. And to be honest I am not really feeling guilty about it. I know that from what I put on this blog I should because first of all I should not want to buy new jeans when I already have perfectly functional ones, and this kind of make everything I write bullshit because if I don't live by my "rules" then why bother trying to "inspire" others to do so? Well this is a blog though, not a newspaper so I guess that it doesn't really matter and at least now I am trying to win back a little credibility by telling the truth.
My intensions are to live a meaningful life. To me that means trying to eat organic and vegan, and I am saying trying because that is what I do. I am not succeeding. The only meat I eat is fish, and I rarely eat dairy products but I do sometimes, I don't eat eggs, but there is egg in a lot of products and I don't bother to check actually. And the perfect scenario would be to buy nothing, but I do buy some things. Not overly impulsive or anything and much better then before, but not perfect at all either. I just want to clarify all this so that I don't feel too guilty and full of shit for having a blog that preaches when I don't practice. Hope you can still use some of it for inspiration, I do, but right now I am more concerned about actually living my life then trying to live it a certain way. I'll let the posts be the inspiration, because I personally can't, at the moment.

Hope you still love me;-)

Peace! Xo


  1. I think you are being much too harsh on yourself. Becoming organic and vegan is not something that you can do overnight. If you really are considering cutting out all meat and eggs and diary from your diet, then I urge you not to do it overnight because you really do need to educate yourself about what's in the food that you can eat so that you get the proper nutrition.

    Also with respect to your comments about sustainability... it's one thing to go all out and buy only sustainable pieces (expensive), but it's just as credible to be mindful of your ecological footprint and buy well thought out pieces you love and will wear for a long time or at least sell or donate, over cheap crap that falls apart after one wear and ends up in landfill.

    1. Yeah that was exactly what I wanted to say, that I feel ok with doing things in moderations, and that I didn't want to give the impression that I thought otherwise. Thanks for your comment:-)

  2. Haha! I think that part of living a healthy life is also doing things in moderation and not being toooo strict with yourself. I think it's good to have intentions that you keep in mind but we can't all be perfect. I still like your blog :)