I've been bitten by a mad yoga-bug

How to practice doing a handstand via Whole living.com. I can't do this (yet - but it is definitely one of my goals).
I was introduced to yoga when I was 15 on boarding school (efterskole), and since then I have been practicing on and off, both by myself, with DVDs and classes but I didn't really practice it consistently. But since moving back home I have been going to classes two times a week and practicing at home most days. It feels super great, and I am completely hooked. So much that yesterday evening, I attended a three hours yoga event at my center. On a friday night. What I like about this form of training as opposed to running (which didn't last me more then a couple of months) or Pilates or regular gym training and classes, is that yoga isn't about "working out", it is a spiritual practice that just happens to have the great side effect of toning your body.

Next year, in January,  I am going back to school (Højskole - it's difficult to explain but it is this kind of school that you can go to for shorter or longer periods of time and you can stay there if you like (which I'm going to), and you pay for it your self (which you rarely do in Denmark) and you can take different courses maybe ones that prep you to apply to other schools.) I'm going for half a year and what I have chosen is Body and Awareness which is yoga, psychology, nutrition etc. and international politics, to give it a twist. And then you can take all different kinds of classes too, like pottery, design, art class, everything creative. I don't know what I am going to do after but I'll get to it. Right now I am just looking forward to January. And my next yoga class;-)


  1. That sounds so wonderful - I love yoga, too, but don't really have the money to practice in a class right now. Your classes in January sound so great - I don't know if we have anything like that in the US...

    1. Yes I think it is kind of specific to Scandinavia, that's why it is so hard to explain the concept sometimes. But I'm really looking forward to it:) Great evening to you!